Unlocked after exploring Plains.

  • It unlocks Crevice and Garden (2400-2500 of exploration) locations

Walkthrough Edit

Exploring the Ruins event Edit

  • You enter the area of the ancient settlement and start exploring.
  • [Investigate]
  • You investigate the ancient looking architecture.
  • Columns, arches, houses, paths, roads and storehouses, all in ruin and forgotten by time.
  • This must have been an outpost of an ancient culture unknown by modern history.
  • [Continue]
  • You try to guess the origin of the ruins.
    1. [Ancient Greece]: the columns sure look Greek, but they are much more elaborate. Also, Greek sailors would not come this far. [Guess again]
    2. [Atlantis]: the structures certainly have a Greek feel to them, but are much more advanced, so they could belong to Atlantis. But didn't Atlantis sink tot he bottom of the ocean? What was this place, then?
      • [City]: this look too small to be a main settlement. [Guess again]
      • [Colony]: the dwelling lacks farms to sustain itself. It must have been supplied somewhere else. [Guess again]
      • [Outpost]: it's small, doesn't have farms, mines, markets or large production facilities. It may really have been just an outpost. But what was the nature of this outpost?
        1. [Military]: a military base would require some fortifications. You don't find any walls that would point to that. [Guess again]
        2. [Scouting]: the settlement wasn't built near water, so it wouldn't be able to launch further sea expeditions. [Guess again]
        3. [Not sure]: you are not sure what the purpose of this outpost has will have explore further and find more clues. [<-End]
    3. [Ancient Egypt]: The structure don't fit Egypt. The pharaohs wouldn't have sailed so far away from home. [Guess again]
    4. [Alien]: the architecture, while strange, is made by and for humans. Extraterrestrial or other-dimensional origins aren't plausible. [Guess again]
    5. [Mesoamerican]: Mesoamerican civilization certainly build marvels, but his style doesn't fit that culture. [Guess again]

Snake Nest Event

  • Among the stone rubble you find a snake nest. It is, well, full of snakes. They coil and hiss at you. You shudder at the sight.
  • You remember reading about this species. It has nutritious meat, but is extremely aggressive and its venom is deadly.
  • It turns a victim's blood into jelly within minutes.
  • [Gulp]
  • Do you try forage the nest or do you leave it alone?
    1. [Forage]: you decide that your hunger is more vicious than these reptiles.
      • [Go on]
      • Grabbing the snakes is surprisingly easy, they offer no serious resistance, they just hiss harmlessly.
      • You get Snake nest.
      • [Continue]
      • After a hearty snake meal you reflect on the situation. You shouldn't always believe what you read.
      • [Okay]
    2. [Leave]: You leave the nest alone.

Crumbling Paper Event

  • In a nook inside a ruined wall you find an aged piece of paper.
  • Something is written on it.
  1. [Don't read]: You have the feeling the note could instill a curse upon your group, so you leave it alone. [<-- Okay]
  2. [Examine]:You handle it carefully and notice some odd writing on it and a pretty drawing underneath.
    • The note starts to crumble as you touch it.
    • You must decide what to examine in more detail before the paper turns to dust.
      1. [Examine writing]: you are unable to recognize the language that is written on the paper thus causing you to not get any information as to what the paper leads you to. [<--Back]
      2. [Examine drawing]: the drawing looks like a map and it marks a location with a huge X. You remember the location.
      • Under you touch the note disintegrates.
      • You find Crevice.
      • [Awesome]

Mineral Field Event

  • This ruined city was erected upon rich minerals field. There are valuable crystals littering the ground. Maybe some could be of value.
  • [Pick up]
  • You pick up an interesting specimen. It has pretty wild colors, so it's hard to determine what kind is.
  • [Identify]
  • You take closer look.
  • Yes, it's obvious now under more light. It's number ...
  • [3].
  • Yep that's the one! With knowledge you are able to refine the crystal and get  out some useful gems.
  • You get 20 Gem.

Garden Event

  • Beyond a towering stone wall you find a beautiful green place full of fruit tree and flowers. Once it must have been a garden or an orchard, a source of food for he inhabitants.
  • It may be worth searching it for edibles.
  • [<-Search]

Fights Edit

Enemy Found at Health Damage Attack chance Gain
Snake Story 216 - 576 Heart 18-27 2/10 5 Gem
Giant Spider Story 252 - 1.1k Heart 4 -10 Fight 3/10 3 Gem
Killer Bee Random 720 - 1.9k Heart 4 - 7 Fight 7/10 15 Gem

Forage-able Items Edit

Name Effort Duration Gain
Snake Nest 430 Forage 15 s 450 Food
Iron ore
Iron Ore 40 Forage 15 min 500 Metal
Stone Pillar 120 Forage 10 min 400 Stone
Charcoal 860 Forage 15 min 300 Coal

Special Parts Edit

Name Chance
Crystal 5%
Paper 15%
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